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Don’t Get Carried Away

Enthusiasm is a valuable part of the body builder’s make up. There are times for all of us when going to the gym may feel like a hassle that we can do without, but in sticking to a regime that has been designed for a purpose, we get a lot closer to the purpose in question and benefit as a result. A stop-start regime will mean that you are always going back over old ground, and the first part of any training regime even post-warm up will […]

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Although illegal in athletic competition, the use of steroids is not illegal per se. Amateur body builders – and in some jurisdictions, the professionals too – are free to use whatever aids they need to use. That being the case, many people will have no qualms about reaching for the medicine cabinet to make things easier and even more efficient. There is no question, however, that steroids can only give so much because they borrow from what you already have. The damage that can result from this […]

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Warming Up

There is an attitude among some part-time body builders that someone who hits the gym and goes straight for the heaviest weights is a “hero”, a real above and beyond the call of duty guy. This is a fairly dumb attitude to take because, without warming up and down, a body building routine will do very little for you. In actual fact, going for the big weights before you are ready to lift them will destroy any of the good work that you do. A little bit […]

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Don’t Work Through the Pain

There is a lot of talk devoted to “feeling the burn” when training. This is when you feel a substantial amount of pain and carry on exercising, as in some people’s estimation it won’t work if it doesn’t hurt. While there is some element of truth in this – if something is not physically demanding it is worthless as an exercise – it should not be confused with exercising on through the pain. If you pick up a weight and instantly feel pain, just carrying on is […]

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Design a Routine For You

It is easy to be distracted by the hulking physiques of people who have been doing the routines for years, and to want to match up with what they are doing. Unless, however, you want to spend more time recovering than exercising, it is important to ignore what anyone else is doing and get on with designing your own routine, one you can stick to and which gives you pronounced results. It may not match up with what the experts are doing, but they’ve got a head […]

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